Current International Lottery Jackpots

Below is a comprehensive list of the best international lotteries in terms of lotto prize money. For more details on any of these jackpots, the lotteries themselves, the latest results or to pick your lucky numbers and play lottery online now, click the relevant lotto jackpot image.

UK Lottery:
Play UK lottery - win up to 42 million Pounds
US Powerball:
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USA MegaMillions:
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While the UK lottery is generally a favourite for the many Indians that used to play lottery online whilst living in the UK, the prize values are far from being as stunning as the American lotteries: the US Powerball and the US MegaMillions. This year both these lotteries had a grand prize tallying literally over hundreds of millions of US dollars! Talk about the opportunity of stepping out an buying your own island, just because you feel like it! The US lottery seems to frequently roll over and even if they are not looking high right now relative to the others on this play lottery online page, you can bet that they will skyrocket soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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Italian SuperEna:
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The Italian SuperEna lottery is another one of those that has kept a relatively low profile over 2012. The large range of numbers to choose from (1-90!) usually make for frequent lotto rollovers and the largest prize for the SuperEna ran well over 150,000,000 Euros in 2011. The El Gordo is the Spanish lottery which you can now play online here too – certainly not as large as the annual Christmas lottery (see at the bottom of the page for details) there but still a popular choice for international players nonetheless.

Play the Oz Lotto
Oz Power Ball:
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Brazilian MegaSena:
Play MegaSena

Heading down under to the southern hemisphere, the most popular (and biggest) lotteries are the Australian pair: the OzLotto and the Australian Powerball. The relatively small range and great selection numbers make the OzLotto a popular choice – you can finally pick all your 7 lucky numbers all in one draw – something you cannot do in any other online lottery. Also in the south is the Brazilian MegaSena which is relatively new in terms online ticket sales but rapidly growing in popularity. Perhaps being one of the BRIC group of countries, Indian online lottery players seem to have a keen affinity for the Brazilian lotto.

Play FranceLoto
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The last in the major jackpot selection of lotteries are the France Loto and the recently introduced EuroJackpot. France Loto, with slightly more expensive tickets is surprisingly still quite popular.

Spanish El Gordo:
Play El Gordo
El Gordo de Navidad:
Play El Gordo de Navidad - Over 1 Billion Euro in prizes!
El Nino:
Play EuroMillions - win up to 183 million Euro

Once every year, the Spanish go a bit wild with their raffle-style lottery, the famous El Gordo de Navidad. With prizes totalling over 2 Billion Euros and rather expensive tickets, villages often pool resources together to buy tickets for themselves. The process of selecting the winning numbers is a day long affair that is televised and a favourite Christmas pastime to watch in Spain. It’s sister raffle, the El Nino, is also growing in popularity despite its smaller overall lottery jackpot. Around this time of year, it’s the Europeans usually have the most mouth-watering lotto jackpots to play for – why not try your luck on any of the above today!

Please note that tickets for both the El Gordo de Navidad and El Nino are limited and so may not be available for purchase at the last minute!

The choices are huge for online lottery enthusiasts in India. Tickets for the above are sold through a UK based intermediary that has been in business for years. The tickets are more expensive than they would be had you bought the ticket yourself in the respective lottery country. However, the service enables you to buy lottery tickets online from abroad which you otherwise would not have been able to. Once the official results of the lottery you purchased tickets for are published, you are sent an email indicating your matches as well as your winnings.

Winning lottery players can choose to withdraw their funds through a number of e-wallet solutions including Neteller, uKash and MoneyBookers (Skrill), or through wire transfer directly into their bank accounts. Winners of smaller amounts have the option of converting their winnings into discounted lottery vouchers which they can use to play lottery online in the future.